1-Page Dungeon — The Pine Baron

Deep in the forest, following a great river from its mouth, a Pine Baron built his sawmill. Upon a nearby hill, he built his home. And because he had gold to give them, people came to work there in the sawmill. And the mill became a camp. And the camp became a village. And the village became a town. And the Baron grew wealthy…

In “The Pine Baron” you’ll explore a deep and foreboding wilderness full of encounters to challenge your players. And in the Barony, they will discover a plan to restore the natural order. But such a rebalance comes at a high cost to the people.

The adventure runs from a tiny fishing village to a rich man’s motte upon a hill. In between, players will explore the wild forest. Electric lizards, a speaking serpent, The Great Grey Heron and more await them in “The Pine Baron.”

by Brett Sullivan by Brett Sullivan

“The Pine Baron” is a system agnostic 1-page dungeon ready for any wilderness campaign!