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Lovers lie in a coffin: one rests, eyes closed; the other embraces their lover’s form, gazing up to the stars in the black.

The Many Lost Loves of Blackstone Tower

Blackstone Tower is an OSR adventure set on a remote island where stands a strange and wondrous wizard’s tower. Forged from the strands of the weave of

Daedalus Rising Cover

Daedalus Rising is Almost Here

Suit up Lancer! This month we have some awesome Mech mayhem for you with a setting for the Lancer RPG. Lancer is a great game by the

Dead Virtue Vertical Cover

Dead Virtue Chapter 1 Preview

Heya all! This idea has been rattling around in my brain for way too long, so I’m super happy that with our powers combined we were able

A pirate squirrel reaches out to grasp a cherry at the end of a branch.

The Grassy Sea Sneak Peak

The Grassy Sea Hello Everyone, and prepare to sail the Grassy Seas!  The Grassy Sea is a blackpowder supplement for Mausritter, the same Into the Odd-inspired sword-and-whiskers

The Earth Above

Hello from the Mothership! We are excited to bring you a brand new module for a game you may not have heard of: Mothership, a sci-fi horror

A print copy of Chimneyhaus with pencil, highlighter and dice surrounding it.

Our First Print Release

Hey everyone! We just wanted to drop a line that Chimneyhaus will be our first print release! Printing our first zine is really exciting for all of

The forgotten sea cover

The Forgotten Sea Preview

The Forgotten Sea: A Monster of the Week Mystery Who hasn’t wanted to be a monster hunter at one point in time? Shows like Buffy and Supernatural

Chimneyhaus cover; 4 mice rise up a brick background

Welcome to Chimneyhaus

Greetings! We’re proud to share Chimneyhaus with you. We created this “sword and whiskers setting” for Isaac Williams’ excellent OSR-style game, Mausritter. If you haven’t played it

The Pine Baron - a 1-page dungeon by Fey Light Studio — a hex map with a tiny village leads to a forbidding forest.

1-Page Dungeon — The Pine Baron

Deep in the forest, following a great river from its mouth, a Pine Baron built his sawmill. Upon a nearby hill, he built his home. And because