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Tomb of the Last King detail

1-Page Dungeon — Tomb of the Last King

Hello!  We’re excited to bring you another system neutral one-page dungeon!  In Tomb of the Last King, adventurers will attempt to recover the priceless, stolen artifacts of

Grotesque: Gargoyle Lineage Cover

Grotesque: Gargoyle Lineage

If you’ve been following the Unearthed Arcana releases from the D&D team (like we do), then you’ve probably seen the new lineages popping up. These new player

The Mana Waste - a hex crawl map featuring a mushroom forest, untamed magical wilds and more!

1-page dungeon — The Mana Waste

Hey, We’re excited to share with you a brand new a one-page dungeon.  The Mana Waste is a chaotic and magical place transformed by the power unleashed

Social Moves for Heroes Cover

Introducing “Social Moves for Heroes”

Social Interaction in 5e- A common critique of D&D is that it doesn’t offer much in the way of mechanics for anything other than combat and exploration.

Forest Winter

The Heart of Winter

The Heart of Winter is our holiday release for the 2020 solstice. In it players are transported to a distant part of Faerie in the domain of

Black Court Zoomed

The Black Court

This adventure arose from our desire to tell a horror story for Halloween, but to do so in a way that added to conventional 5e mechanics. In

Karthelia Map

Cult of Draconoclops

This adventure takes place on the periphery of Karthelia, a dragonborn naval power with unique ships, widely respected for their trade. Spread along the coasts of an

The Graven Vale

Our next release takes place in a secluded alpine community being plagued by undead. Players will have to stop an attack on a farmstead, trek to a


Three Tips for Writing Better NPCs

Everyone knows that a story needs characters, that a hero needs a villain. But what about the people who help the hero? Or those who aid the