Cult of Draconoclops

This adventure takes place on the periphery of Karthelia, a dragonborn naval power with unique ships, widely respected for their trade. Spread along the coasts of an entire region, even the mighty Karthelian navy cannot maintain complete dominance everywhere, for at its cusp a dread power has risen.
The Draconoclops inspires both awe and terror, and weak creatures have even begun to worship it. Those who would subjugate themselves to this evil now turn on their fellow mortals. The Cult of Draconoclops will stop at nothing to feed their ravenous idol.

Manor Map

Cliffs of Karthelia

Meanwhile, in the fishing village Uljar, a wealthy shipowner named Inxid Ogwen has been persuaded to allow the cult to establish a base of operations. Only the agreed-upon price keeps going up.

Characters exploring the town will quickly notice that all is not well. In addition a ticking-clock mechanic continues to heighten the tension in the village until the party moves to rescue the villagers the cult is taking to sacrifice to Draconoclops.

A cliffside battle at the shipowners manor culminates the investigation, but some of the cultists escape far below in the bay.

Aeronaut Assault

The party has managed to free many of the townsfolk that were to be sacrificed, but more are trapped aboard a mercenary boat below heading for the island of Silca, home of the Draconoclops. 

In order to catch up with the ship before it flees the harbor, the party can use gliders and launch themselves from a runic circle high into the air. Navigating the air and mercenary attacks the characters must land on the moving ship to begin their rescue. 

Once victorious, the party must find their way to Silca to face the Draconoclops itself.

Lair Map

Wrath of Draconoclops

Upon reaching the isle of Silca the party must wind their way through the canyons populated by the members of the Cult of Draconoclops before reaching its lair.

The characters will find captives on the verge of being sacrificed, but escaping with them is no small task. Draconoclops is more powerful than expected and, if players don’t use the environment to their advantage it will destroy them all.