Daedalus Rising is Almost Here

Suit up Lancer!

This month we have some awesome Mech mayhem for you with a setting for the Lancer RPG.

Lancer is a great game by the folks over at Massif Press that is set 15,000 years in the future. The diaspora of humanity has scattered throughout the stars, but injustice remains. That’s where you come in.

The Daedalus System

Daedalus, colonized nearly three thousand years ago and has been under The Supremacy’s neo-fascist boot for the last 600. The Pamir Belt have long maintained their freedom through an uneasy peace, but the calls for revolution grow.

Now Daedalus has been rediscovered by major powers. Union and Harrison Armory work to bring the system under their control, while HORUS struggles to free the human mind from the shackles of the physical.

What part will you play? 


If you want to check out Lancer we recommend purchasing it. It’s a fantastic game and well worth it. But just jumping into a new system isn’t for everyone. Massif Press has an Itch store where you can get a free pdf with everything you need to start playing. Also, make sure to check out COMP/CON for making pilots and encounters.

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