Dead Virtue Chapter 1 Preview

Heya all!

This idea has been rattling around in my brain for way too long, so I’m super happy that with our powers combined we were able to make it a real thing.

I spent a lot of time as a kid not only playing all the great JRPGs of the 80’s and 90’s but also reading the hell out of the awesome 50+ page booklets and pouring over the giant maps.  In my mind it was the most amazing thing that I could ever hold in my hands.

Well, we are harnessing that nostalgia and bring it to the now with the Dead Virtue Series of adventures for your favorite fantasy system.  Complete with adventure booklets and pixel art maps this four part series can fit nicely into your current campaign as side quests or  run alone as a complete mini-campaign.  Designed for any system and any level of party, this is easy to prep and run.

Death Cry of a God kicks off the series with Agien the god of the sea being killed just moments before the party arrives at their seaside temple.  The party will wade through waves of berserk paladin’s, crazed clerics, wrathful sea creatures and be forced to make a tough choice; attempt to stop the unknown power that just killed a god or save the fisherfolk who will die at sea if the lighthouse on the island isn’t rekindled in time.

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We have modules and settings for games like MausritterMonster of the Week, MothershipBlades in the Dark, and of course D&D 5e.