Our First Print Release

Hey everyone!

We just wanted to drop a line that Chimneyhaus will be our first print release!

Printing our first zine is really exciting for all of us at Fey Light. It seems like yesterday that we sat down and started writing material for 5e, but we decided to branch out and see if people were interested in the other games we love. So far we are loving the direction we are headed and can’t wait to bring you more.

We just released a mystery for Monster of the Week and in the future we have tentative plans for a Mothership adventure, A compendium of our 5e Creatures, and a Blackpowder supplement for Mausritter.

So keep an eye out for more print releases from us, and if you are interested in getting them as soon as they hit consider joining our Patreon. Our Archivist tier gets every print release at a bit of a discount.