Bloody Theater 5e (Preview)


Bloody Theater 5e (Preview) contains some highlights from our newest release. Check out the district map, Necrothrall and more!

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Welcome back to the Theater District!

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Bloody Theater 5e (Full) Details

This version of Bloody Theater is tailored for those of you who can’t get enough of 5e! 

Fledgling Vampires, Nighthounds, the Fatberg and more are all statted and ready to throw at your players!  

We have also created a new weapon type, Kukri, and a cursed version, a Kukri of Bleeding, for your table to enjoy.

Lastly, we added some casino games to use at The Glittering Die or any other gambling establishment your players come across!

The Theater District was once a destination for the city’s citizens, but rising crime and strange disappearances have driven many patrons away. Theaters and taverns sit mostly empty and passerby on the streets avert their eyes, hurrying about their business. Worse, are the rumors of the things lurking in the darkness.

The vampire Thorne Astric has come for revenge. Long ago Vamilda Thrace and her adventuring group, Animus, hunted him down. Vamilda retired and started the Animus Playhouse in honor of the companions she lost. The district became a popular entertainment destination and prospered.

Now, Astric’s machinations threaten to destroy everything Vamilda holds dear.

Bloody Theater 5e (Full) contains:

  • A District Map
  • 2 Encounter Tables
  • Four Unique Factions: Vampires, the Watch, Kobold Street Sweepers, and the Shifting Hands gang.
  • 17 unique NPCs
  • 6 new creatures statted for 5e
  • A new weapon: the Kukri
  • Cursed item: Kukri of Bleeding

The Bloody Theater micro setting  sewer encounters pair perfectly with our Sewer Tiles!

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