Social Moves For Heroes

This is a toolset that provides advanced rules for social interactions in 5e.

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Social Moves for Heroes was born out of a desire to add dimension to 5e social encounters.

In 5e, there’s not much in the way of support for roleplay. Charisma checks can make high stakes social encounters feel soft, and they don’t necessarily invite or encourage roleplay.

Sure, maybe you have a group of great roleplayers who can jump in and bring it to life. But most players could use a bit of support. Especially players new to the hobby.

Social Moves for Heroes embraces that reality and provides simple, thematic roleplay prompts for your players.

It also provides instructions for how to level-up your social encounters — to make them more than just a single die roll.

You can read all about the moves and discover their inspiration on our blog post. And even better, gain early access to tools like this by becoming a Patron!

With Social Moves for Heroes, your party will be full equipped for investigative mystery adventures like The Sleep of Reason


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