The Crystal Cleaver of Griezt


The Crystal Cleaver of Griezt

Many have sought it, but only a few worship the God of Butchers.

The Crystal Cleaver is a one-shot heist that’s ready for BITD, 5e, or another system.

Assemble a team to steal the cursed weapon from its owner’s museum collection. We provide the background, locations, and complications. You provide the rest.

The Crystal Cleaver of Griezt by Fey Light Studio. A one shot heist in which you must steal the cleaver without alerting its wealthy owner.

We released this a month ago to our patrons, so if you’d like to be the first to get your hands on our stuff, become a patron today!

The Cleaver would be an excellent addition to any urban story, too. The party could escape via the sewers, so some sewer tiles and encounters could come in handy!


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