The Rotting Earth: Dead Virtue Chapter 2


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The Dead Virtue adventure series continues with The Rotting Earth!

Your players will delve deep into the forested maze that is the Temple of Car’oon.  Discovering the villages of the druids, the perils and treasures of the garden maze, learning the lore behind the attack on the elemental gods and eventually finding the source of the mysterious life vines that appear to be bringing hope back to the valley.

Your players will influence the story not only through their words but their actions as well. Includes a mechanic for tracking the spirit of nature’s attitude towards the party.  If they keep calm and respectful of the living world they can find great secrets.  But if they incur nature’s wrath the very trees might shepherd the party towards the darker side of nature.

We wanted to harness the nostalgia of the 80’s and 90’s JRPGs combined with modern OSR themes and design. Run this adventure with your favorite fantasy system. Complete with adventure booklet and pixel art maps, this four part series can fit into your current campaign as side quests or run alone as a complete four part mini-campaign.  Designed for any system and any level of party this is easy to prep and run.

Chapter 3 will be released in early 2022! — Follow us on Patreon, or become a supporter and never miss out on our new releases.

Your purchase includes:

  • Screen version of the Adventure Guide in full color
  • Pixel art region map of The Everdale, and playable battlemaps of the Garden’s of Car’oon and The Oak of Ages for print and VTT

We have modules and settings for games like Mothership, Mausritter, Monster of the Week, Blades in the Dark, and of course D&D 5e.


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