The Sleep of Reason (adventure only)


The Sleep of Reason — a 5e adventure designed for third level players

The towns of Bassu and Inloc are at each other’s throats. But behind their mutual loathing lies a threat greater than either knows.

A fiend in the form of a night hag invades the sleep of the town leaders night after night, haunting their dreams and transforming them into nightmares.

Encounter 5 new creatures, like the Bog Lurker!

Explore the towns of Bassu and Inloc, full of NPCs, local attractions and quests!

Meet 7 powerful NPCs like a Monk of the Fertile Field!

The PDF is fully hyperlinked for easy navigation. And the adventure is set up for full exploration and investigation. You’ll want to check out our Social Moves for Heroes, too. Players may need them to convince the townsfolk to help.

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