There’s Something Down There – Sewer Encounters


11 Modular Sewer Tiles to design your own sewer system

Rollable Tables create a surprising design every time

The Fatberg Stat Block

Nasty Sewer Loot!

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There’s Something Down There — Sewer Encounters

People whisper in the streets that something’s living in the sewers. Not the rats. Everyone knows about them. Not the undead. You can hear them moaning from a mile away. Something … else.

In “There’s Something Down There”, you’ll get 12 .png sewer tiles you can print at home or upload to any free image editor, such as GIMP or Krita and create your own sewers. You could even load them onto Roll20 and drop them onto your map as you go.

The rollable tables will guide your placement of those tiles and offer encounters as well as creature dispositions to ensure every time you go down into these sewers, you’ll encounter something nasty and different.

We also wanted to include a tough boss, so meet the Fatberg! Those real life monstrosities are a bane to infrastructure everywhere. Now you can fight one! — but watch out, they’re huge and tough!

“There’s Something Down There” is the next in our short adventure line that we hope you can drop into your stories with flexibility and ease. Like the Mana Waste and Tomb of the Last King, these adventures are quick and flavorful additions to an ongoing story.

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