Tomb of the Last King


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Tomb of the Last King

How long have you searched for this tomb, where King Hesiod lies? 

How long did you comb through histories to find the map to this cursed place? 

So long that you have forgotten.

But you have not forgotten why you have come: 

To claim your due from the one who conquered your country a generation ago. Armies that razed your cities, devastated your lands, and decimated your culture. When they left, they took the most precious works of your people with them. 

You are here to take them back. — This is the Tomb of the Last King.

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What is the Tomb of the Last King?

This is a 2-page dungeon, technically. It includes 3 rollable tables to keep things exciting for everyone. There are a couple of puzzles and traps. Plus a procedurally generating hex-labyrinth. Finally, there’s a clock that will begin counting down once the players reach the lowest point in the dungeon.

When you download Tomb of the Last King, you’ll get the color and print-friendly PDF files.

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