Rust and Sawdust Preview

Rust and Sawdust is our very first production here at Fey Light Studio and we couldn’t be more excited! The first part, “A Bend in the Road”, releases into the wild on 7/22 and the follow up, “The Rotted Camp”, drops on 7/29.  The creation process for these was an absolute blast and taught us quite a bit as well. For instance, with our release goals, it’s probably not a good idea to make an encounter inside another encounter. The first would be the logging camp and the second would be in the sawmill at the camp which didn’t end up working. So, instead of three releases this month, there are two, but the second, “The Rotted Camp”, will release with a bit more content than you will normally see as we condensed two releases into one. We hope you enjoy these as much as we loved making them.

Rust and Sawdust is set in a once-verdant woodland region that has recently been extensively logged. This destruction has drawn the ire of the fey who have a crossing in this area. Fighting back, the fey have slain the workers and taken over the logging operation in order to heal the land and protect their crossing. Vines and fungal rot spread forth to cover the scars of industrialization and bring the area firmly under fey control. Are your players traveling between settlements? Are they in a remote area? Maybe the group is just a bit outside a well-settled area. Rust and Sawdust inserts seamlessly into any of these scenarios, and if your players are in civilization, surviving loggers can approach the party.

Stump Encounter Map

A Bend in the Road

The first encounter, “A Bend in the Road”, features a beautiful encounter map of a stump field where majestic trees once stood. Amongst the arboreal graveyard adventurers will face off against fungal Spore Sprites waiting to inoculate the party and Stump Blights, the twisted forms of tree stumps given unnatural, evil life lurk, waiting for the unwary traveller. These creatures are the first we have made outside our home games, and we would love to hear the highlights from your party’s encounter. 

The Rotted Camp

July’s second release is “The Rotted Camp”, the second (and originally third) part of Rust and Sawdust. It can be played solo or adventurers can continue on from “A Bend in the Road”. Our intention is for each of our releases to function either separately or as part of a continuous adventure. We originally planned for this to release as two separate encounters, one at the logging camp, and then, a separate encounter in the hulking sawmill at the end of the camp. The more we worked on these, the more we realized they were inextricably linked. If the players were in the camp, what if they avoided combat and headed straight for the sawmill? So, a lesson learned, and instead you get both of these encounters and maps packaged together!

So what is in “The Rotted Camp”? Well you get two maps in this release. One of the logging camp itself, where the gate to the Plane of Faerie sits open, waiting to disgorge more fey creatures. The second map is of the large foreboding sawmill on the north end of the camp. Around the grounds float Spore Sprite Swarms. They drift about, staying close to the fey gate. Players will quickly discover these tiny fey are much more dangerous when working in concert.

Eventually, adventurers will enter the sawmill itself. Inside this two-story structure awaits the guardian of the gate itself! In the shadows the Fungal Faun waits for his work to complete, and players entering this dilapidated structure should watch their step.

We can’t wait for you to check these out. Let us know what you think, and what maps and encounters you want to see in the future. Next month we will unleash a little undead action so stay tuned!