The Black Court

This adventure arose from our desire to tell a horror story for Halloween, but to do so in a way that added to conventional 5e mechanics. In The Black Court the party begins by dying, every one of them. Whether the party dies in game in a glorious TPK, or you open with the characters having already shed their mortal coil, the entire adventure takes place in The Black Court, a plane between the prime material plane and all other planes of existence.

The Black Court is a waystation for souls, a stop along the way where souls are judged before passing on. Outside The Black Court, a massive graveyard delivers souls to be judged by the Magister, an immortal servant of all realms and planes. Every dawn, the graveyard appears anew, shifting in form and size to meet the demands of the deceased of that day. It is from here that the party must escape.


The Black Court introduces Icons into our game world. Icons are a concept we are excited to explore moving forward. They are more than mortal but less than divine. Icons are embodiments of concept. In this adventure the characters must face Fear, an icon that assaults them both physically and psychically.

Black Court Map

New Creatures

Aside from Fear itself in two different forms, we present Gravekeepers. These spectral minions tend to the deceased souls who get stuck or lost, and keep the grounds of the Black Court tended. The characters will also meet the Magister of the Black Court,a n immortal being of immense power, and a servant of Death across all realms, planes, and time. It is the Magister who will allow the party their trial to return to the living realm.

Powers of the Grave

Untimely deaths have empowered the characters’ souls. Every player will choose a Power of the Grave, which will then correspond to the location where their character awakens in the Black Court. Players activate these powers using Spirit Points, a finite resource they have gained mysteriously.