The Grassy Sea Sneak Peak

The Grassy Sea

Hello Everyone, and prepare to sail the Grassy Seas! 

The Grassy Sea is a blackpowder supplement for Mausritter, the same Into the Odd-inspired sword-and-whiskers role-playing. 

We wanted to try our hand at crafting some additional mechanics for the game, and we thought that blackpowder and pirates would be a great pairing. So here are some squirrel pirates, turkeys they ride, and a whole new ruleset for adding blackpowder weapons into your next Mausritter game. 

In addition, we’ve created a whole hex crawl for The Grassy Sea, with 19 locations, 3 factions, encounters, and rumors. 

Plus, there’s an adventure site, The Hollow Tree Hideout, where Blacktail, the dread squirrel pirate now harbors. 

Will your mice discover the secrets of blackpowder? Can they stop Blacktail from waylaying the Castellan convoys? — Play to find out!

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