The Graven Vale

Our next release takes place in a secluded alpine community being plagued by undead. Players will have to stop an attack on a farmstead, trek to a mountain temple and defeat the entrance guardian. Finally they will delve under the temple into the long forgotten crypts to stop the source of the undead menace. 

Farmstead map

Fractured Idyll

Taln Vale is a verdant valley nestled between two mountains chains. The jagged peaks and crisp air play counterpoint to the pastoral communities perched on the slopes. While secluded and  generally peaceful, a decent number of merchants and adventurers travel through the vale using
the passes above to continue their journeys to distant lands.

Recently the Vale has been haunted by strange shapes in the night and members of the scattered towns have been disappearing. The Graff farm, where the characters are finding shelter, is the next homestead to suffer an attack from the stitchers who roam the night.

The Forgotten Temple

Before its destruction at the hand of frost giants near the end of the last Fomorian War, the Crystal Dome of the Everlight was regarded as one of the finest examples of Ikarian religious architecture in the northern mountain ranges.

Now forgotten, the temple and its crypts have become home to a necromancer experimenting with the creation of undead soldiers. One such creature is the bone titan, a fearsome undead creature guarding the temple from any who would approach.


Crypt Map

Provenance of the Dead

The crypts The Crystal Dome of the Everlight have been claimed by Miarya Nalrin. The seclusion of the abandoned temple and the bodies in the crypt allowed her to work uninterrupted, until now. Like the temple above, time and neglect are slowly destroying the once vibrant architecture. The heart of the crypts is the tomb of Faolin Rimslae, a famed Paladin of Ikari who defeated an incursion of demons from the lower planes. Now it is where Miarya sleeps and keeps her prisoners. The players must enter the dank crypts, fighting through stitcher striders, and put an end to the threat to Taln Vale