The Many Lost Loves of Blackstone Tower

Blackstone Tower is an OSR adventure set on a remote island where stands a strange and wondrous wizard’s tower. Forged from the strands of the weave of magic and the forces of elemental nature itself, the tower has seen its share of tragedy. 

What will your party discover as they explore this watery abode of mages? 

The Many Lost Loves of Blackstone Tower emerged from an idea that formed in my home game, which had to migrate online in March 2020. The party had completed the introductory adventure, and from the missions they were tasked with, they chose this one first.

I was just getting into adventure writing at the time. I had lots of notes on earlier adventures, but I’d never published anything. So as the ideas for Blackstone Tower came together, I reached out to my old friend Bill Sinkovic, an architect in Asheville, NC. We chatted about the project, and even though he’s never played tabletop RPGs before, he agreed to take this on.

The Grotto includes a largge image of this caverns below the tower.

A few months later, we had the majority of the place illustrated and conceived. By then, however, I was trying to publish other stories with Brett and Isaac in Fey Light, and Blackstone Tower slipped into the recess of memory, where it stayed for more than a year.

Finally, come mid-2021, I realized that Blackstone would make a great zine, and I had even bigger plans for it than the tower itself.

I wanted to create an adventure that would be as fun for the GM to read as it would be for players to play. I wanted to capture elements of fiction while providing the structure a GM needed to run this as a proper setting. I had no real notion of how to do this, until, inspired by my architect friend and the unique novel Ship of Theseus, I struck the idea of writing it as an architectural brief, with marginal annotations from the designer and architect, who would themselves become NPCs of a sort.

So that’s the story of the story, I suppose. I hope you’ll enjoy this strange little adventure. I do think it’s quite sad in some ways, but I also think that parties will have a real shot at redeeming some of these characters, and I hope that will be satisfying. And, of course, I hope GMs get some joy from reading it too.

I’d love to hear what you think!

Purchase the PDF or order the print (coming early December 2021) here!

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