Welcome to Fey Light Studio!

Welcome to the Fey Light Studio Blog! I’m Isaac, one of the three creators here. I thought I should tell you a little about us and what we have brewing for the future.

James, Brett, and I have been dreaming about Fey Light Studio for a while now. We are three friends that have been geeking out since we were young. I think the first punishment I actually remember is having my Star Wars toys taken away. I would like to say the punishment worked, but I think it just made me a craftier geek.

It’s the same with all three of us. Our formative years consisted  of Douglas Adams, Larry Elmore, Frank Herbert, Tracy Hickman, Jeff Grubb, Robert Jordan, Ursula K. Le Guin, George Lucas, Anne McCaffrey, Rankin and Bass, J. R. R. Tolkien, and Margaret Weis. These storytellers fed our young imaginations until we began telling our own tales, whether it was a beleaguered group of heroes trying to survive in war torn Krynn or about a crazy jawa who thought he was a Jedi but really just had delusions of grandeur. 

We got older, went to school and crazier places (I’m looking at you Army). We found new worlds to explore, such as one that consists of a large disc resting on the backs of four huge elephants which are in turn standing on the back of an enormous turtle, named Great A’Tuin. A bunch of nerdy ass voice actors, Jim Butcher, Neil Gaiman, N. K. Jemisin, Brian K. Murphy, Terry Pratchett, Patrick Rothfuss, Deven Rue, Brandon Sanderson, and Catherine Webb inspired our later creations. Our imaginations ran wild and we followed. Check out our Muses page and to visit some of these creators we love.

Anyway, we have all been gaming for the majority of our lives in various genres and mediums, but when 5e came around we took what were two separate gaming groups and created what is our longstanding regular game. 

Each of us runs our own campaign with our own focus and flair. James has worked in publishing and is a creative writing guru with an attention to detail in his worlds and stories. Brett has a design background, loves all things mapping, and will have a NPC talk to you for an entire session. I went to school for chemistry before switching to my current career as a firefighter, and I love creating stories, often with grey areas and difficult choices for the PCs.  

So we are taking the leap. Trying to turn our passion into something greater and creating content for 5e games. As I type this, our website and Patreon page are still being formed out of the primordial ether of the internet. We are dreaming big and hope you will join us on the journey. 

Expanding Worlds

Our releases will be initially released on Patreon about three times a month. Each will include a map, encounter write-up, and custom monster.  We are designing monthly themes for our releases so that they can either be played together as a full adventure or used individually as you desire. 

Our players live across the country from Phoenix, AZ, to Asheville, NC, and while we make a point of gaming in person when we can, VTTs have been integral to our success as a group, and we hope to have our releases available as VTT modules soon.

At first our creative focus is going to focus on encounters designed for PCs between levels one and ten. Not only are most games played in this range, but we find that the power level here really allows sessions to feel dynamic and dangerous. While these lower tiers are where we envision the bulk of our work to exist, that doesn’t mean we will ignore high level play. Sometimes you just need to feel unlimited power and tackle those mythic foes. 

Each map we create is going to release with availability in both print and VTT resolutions and both day and night versions are planned as early variants. Each map we create will have an asset pack that will be made available to our higher level Patrons allowing them to use our work to create custom maps for their home games. 

Our blog will feature a mix of behind the scenes musings of our work and ruminations on various topics related to geekdom and TTRPGs in particular. We will start with releasing a post a few times a month. Next in this series is Three Tips for Writing Better NPCs. James loves to create detailed NPCs that have a life of their own and will take you into his process. Following that you can check out a preview of our very first release Rust and Sawdust! In it fey creatures have taken over an old logging operation. Following that, I’ll be back to talk about one of my favorite GMing techniques, the freedom of improvisation, so please come back and check us out regularly.

Of course, every traveler needs something to guide them, and we are no different. Our guiding star is to deliver fantastic content for use in your home or virtual games and we intend to deepen the ways we do this. As we grow we are committed to branching out into different content such as tutorials and content exploration videos as well as adding fantastic art to flesh out our work. Eventually we want to take some of the cool stuff from our own games and publish a world book so that you and your gaming group can explore in greater detail the creations we love.